Matt Mosman is one of the most experienced corporate development professionals in Silicon Valley. He has been a senior executive at major corporations, and has run venture-backed startups. Throughout his career, he has been fundamentally a “deal guy.”

Mosman came to Silicon Valley to work for Oracle Corporation after stints at Compaq, Central Point Software (sold to Symantec), and Sequent (sold to IBM). He quickly became Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Oracle, responsible for the company’s mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and investments, including the company’s $500M venture fund. He oversaw all acquisitions at the company and was directly responsible for numerous acquisitions, investments and for the spin-off of Network Computer, Inc., which became Liberate Technologies (NASDAQ: LBRT) in 1998.

Mosman also served on Oracle’s Product Development Management Committee, and on the venture fund’s Investment Committee.

After leaving Oracle, Mosman served as CEO of three venture-backed startups: iCiX, the leading vendor of compliance management systems for the food and retail industries; Levanta, Inc., a San Francisco-based vendor of Linux management appliances; and Cerberian, Inc., makers of Cerberian Web Manager, the world’s first Internet Access Control (IAC) web-based service. In the first year after Mosman joined Cerberian, the company’s revenues improved by 431% while expenses were cut by 30%, and the value of the company more than sextupled. Cerberian was acquired by Blue Coat Systems (NASDAQ: BCSI). While Mosman served at Levanta the company increased its bookings by 402%, and at iCiX revenues tripled. He has raised tens of millions of dollars in venture funding from top-tier Silicon Valley venture firms.

Mosman also served as Vice President of Corporate Development for MEMC/SunEdison, and as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley for Wasatch Ventures.

He is a frequent lecturer on topics relating to corporate strategy at colleges and universities. Mr. Mosman has been a featured speaker in classes at Harvard, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, Brigham Young University, and Cambridge University in England. Mr. Mosman has also been featured on CNN/FN, Bloomberg TV, and on CNBC, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and Business Week, on topics related to strategy and acquisitions.

Mr. Mosman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Business Administration from Brigham Young University. He lives in northern California.


Some of the Recommendation for Matt on LinkedIn:

“Matt combines an incredibly sharp mind with a confident but humble character. He is very direct and completely honest at all times and has an amazing penchant for coming up with powerfully simple answers to potentially complex dilemmas. All this makes Matt a natural leader, a supportive manager, a fun colleague, and a welcome business partner.”

- Doug Renert, founder at Tandem Entrepreneurs

“Matt came in as a new CEO at Cerberian and provided the leadership required to take the company to the next level. He set a new strategy and market focus for the company which lead to the unsolicited purchase of Cerberian by Blue Coat Systems (BCSI). I strongly recommend Matt.”

- Scott Petty, Managing Director at vSpring Capital

“Matt was a strategically minded CEO with a unique ability to lead the formulation of strategy as well as tactics to execute on strategy. Matt also holds a very strong ability to create a strong team environment in which all essential functions of the company are working together in order to accomplish strategic objectives. In addition, Matt's experience and personality created an immediate level of trust and confidence with the Company's strategic partners, shareholders, and ultimately its acquirer.”

- Brian Cropper, CFO at Cerberian

“I have worked for Matt while at Oracle, and most recently at iCiX. Matt is a natural leader who can motivate any team just by his sheer presence and charisma. Matt always places a higher priority on the company, its shareholders, and its employees, rather than on himself. It is that consistent selflessness, and fairness that puts him ahead of many executives I have worked with. He always find ways to come to a solution that everyone buys into; thus he also excels at negotiating just about anything; and he has.”

- Laurent Sandrolini, VP Operations at iCiX

“I have worked with Matt for many years in both large-company and start-up environments. He is an outstanding leader who fosters a corporate culture that combines hard work, high integrity, and common-sense decision making. He is a skilled negotiator and talented executive with experience that spans mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, and high-tech start-ups. I have the utmost respect for Matt and would highly recommend him to any organization."

- Todd Untrecht, VP of Engineering at iCiX

“Matt has a people oriented leadership style and an incredible ability to motivate, inspire and engage his employees by providing the necessary guidance and the opportunity for them to grow professionally. Matt has a unique ability to look at complex transactions, get to the core of the problem statement, provide simple and effective solutions and articulate it in a manner that even someone without his deep expertise can understand. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for him and learn this leadership style from him.”

- Rohini Raghunathan, Director of Corporate Development, MEMC